Johnny C.Y. Lam                                   

Iceberg alley Newfoundland

“If you don’t like the weather in Newfoundland, wait 10 minutes,” said a fisherman I met in Bonavista one afternoon in early June. He was right, the weather was so unpredictable and changable during my 3 week visit, I experienced it all. The dramatic swings from sun-to-fog-to-hail-to-snow-to-hail-to-fog-to-sun,  all within a matter of an hour were somewhat of a regular occurrence.  

Iceberg Alley stretches from the coast of Labrador to the southeast coast of the island of Newfoundland. On this journey, I travelled from St. John's / Cape Spear to the Bonavista peninsula, New-Wes-Valley, Twillingate, Fogo Island and Gander.